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Care Homes Policy Training Questionnaires

Policy Training Questionnaires

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This Manual is a simple training tool designed to test the carer's knowledge and understanding of the Organisation's Policies and related documents. It contains sets of simple questions (with correct answers) that relate directly to these 4 modules of Policies and Procedures:

Business Management

Compliance Management

Looking After the Service User

Health & Safety 

The Questionnaires can form part of Staff Appraisals, Refresher Training Courses, or "on the job" training activities, including Staff Shadowing.

Last Updated: 2019

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Care Homes - Q1-00 - Aims & Objectives
Care Homes - Q1-01 - Statement of Values (Philosophy of Care)
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-03 - Race Relations Policy
Care Homes - Q1-02 - Equal Opportunities & Diversity
Care Homes - Q1-04 - Disability Discrimination Policy
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-05 - Environmental Policy
Care Homes - Questionnaire -Q1-06 - Duty of Candour
Care Homes - Questionnaire -Q1-07 - Staff Use of Mobile Phones
Care Homes - Questionnaires - Q1-08 - Confidentiality
Care Homes - Questionniare - Q1-09 - Whistle-blowing Policy
Care Homes - Questionnaire -Q1-10 - Image Capturing
Care Homes - Questionniare - Q1-11 - Right of Search
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-12 - Control of Records
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-13 - Document Control Procedure
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-14 - Staff Rules & Working Arrangements
Care Homes - Questionnaire - Q1-15 - Staff Smoking & Alcohol Policy

Promoting Health and Safety

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